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 Pro-Holder (Patented # 8,083,618 US) 

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KickingFun Pro-Holder Portable above Ground Unit
Pro-Holder on Feild

Important Product Info...
KickingFun, LLC's first of three Pro-Holder products.

The perfect way to improve your place kicking and point after kicks. The Pro-Holder allows complete portability, indoors, outdoors, sidelines, at home, away football games, etc…  Warm-up kicks, strength building for added distance, perfecting techniques, and determined accuracy are some of the basic uses of the Kickingfun Pro-Holder. Height adjustability allows for perfectly set footballs every time.

Size of the portable Pro-Holder takes up less than 12 sq. ft. an average net and finger tee takes approximately 35 sq. ft. enjoy the extra space without your view being obstructed by a big bulky net. 

“You can’t feel the harness while kicking the ball,”
is the reoccurring response from kickers when asked if they can feel the harness. “We are getting at the least 2 to 1 kicks using the Pro-Holder verses the net and finger tee!” Stop wasting time fishing balls out of nets or resetting the finger tee. The Pro-Holder is the best replacment for warming-up for extra point or field goal attempts.

Assembly is a breeze that can take less than a minute to set up or take down. A simple rotation with the ball still in the harness, allows the ease of switching to a left-footed stance.

Alec Kicking

The Pro-Holder is continually being tested and downsized to take up less space on the sideline and to make it easier to transport. We have just removed a diagonal leg and have made other size and weight reduction improvements. Worried about how much the Pro-Holder weighs?  Not a problem, transportation is made easy with our well worth it Pro-Holder Cart.

Pro-Holder Cart

Pro-Holder CartKickingFun-Pro Holder Broken Down

 Easy to load and transport to the playing field.

Pro-Holder In-Ground Unit
Pro-Holder in-Ground 
The Pro-Holder In-Ground unit is the second version of the Pro-Holder series. An amazing unit that has taken kicking to another level and opened a door for stadiums that didn’t think they could get any warm-up kicks in. The above picture is of an In-Ground Pro-Holder unit next to a wall in a stadium that didn’t have enough sideline room for a kicking net.

Pro-Holder Tailgate
The Pro-Holder Tailgate, the third version of the Kickingfun series. It is currently under some engineering modifications, check back soon to see our new pictures and pricing. It will make your next tailgate experience… Kickingfun!!!

Soccer style kicking is to be used with all Pro-Holders!

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